If you are looking to get cash for your old junk car or want to donate your car to charity then give us a call now (1-800-263-3595) or fill out our online pickup form. We serve the Ottawa region including; Nepean, Gloucester, Cumberland, Smiths Falls, Perth, Gatineau, Chelsea and more, or get deposits through phone using our website, Click here phonedeposits. If you are in the Ottawa – Gatineau area then call 613-591-5600 or submit a form online.

At our auto recycling yard we are proud to practice environmentally sound processes when dismantling and recycling your vehicle.This is achieved by utilizing our End Of Life Vehicle System (ELV System) to properly drain all hazardous fluids from the vehicle and not have them drain into the ground.

Following treatment via the ELV System, “high demand” vehicles are dismantled, and “highly requested” useable parts are sold/recycled. Alternatively some complete vehicles are placed in a U-PULL-IT Yard for the public to remove their own parts. We are a multi-function facility that is consistently acquiring newer vehicles that are rotated on a weekly basis.

Our mission revolves around recycling vehicles for parts which passes huge cost savings on to the end consumer. We are also very progressive in our recycling activities so we can be part of a solution to keep the planet green. Please consider doing your part and recycle your old End of Life vehicle with a licensed auto recycling facility.